30 de junio de 2008

Braille - The IV (2008)

01. Beautiful Humanity (Beat By Ohmega Watts)
02. Submission Hold (Beat By Shuko)
03. Calculated Risk Feat. Mr. J Medeiros And Manchild (Beat By The Are)
04. The IV Feat. Rob Swift (Beat By Marco Polo)
05. Main Squeeze (Beat By 88 Keys)
06. Remember Your Path Feat. Rob Swift (Beat By Staffro)
07. Constantly Growing Feat. Speech, Surreal And Sojourn (Beat By DJ Spinna)
08. Blessed Man (Beat By S1 Strange Fruit Project)
09. Many Stories Feat. Barry Hampton (Beat By Barry Hampton)
10. Raise The Dead (Beat By J-Thrill)
11. Double Dose (Beat By Mr. Mar Of The Stieber Twins)
12. Counter Attack Feat. Theory Hazit And DJ Idull (Beat By Oh No)
13. Mental Guard (Snitch Blade) (Beat By Aetoms)
14. Get It Right Feat. Ragen Fykes (Beat By Kno Cunninlynguists)
15. Restless (Beat By M-Phazes)
16. The Cure (Beat By K-Murdock)
17. Addvice Feat. DJ Bombay (Beat By K-Murdock)
18. Playing With My Role (Bonus Track Japan)
19. The Cure Instrumental (Bonus Track Japan)


Braille, from Portland, Oregon. Perteneciente al sello underground Syntax Records, nos presenta su más reciente LP "The IV Edition", con producciones de Marco Polo, OhNo, J-Zone, Ohmega Watts, DJ Spinna, Kno de CunninLynguists, S1 de Strange Fruit Project, Rev Shinez of the Lifesavas y mucho más!,Disfruteen!

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