15 de junio de 2008

Planet Asia - Jewelry Box Session: The Album(2007)

1.-The Appraisal
2.-Street Hop
3.-Take One For The Team (feat. Flii Stylz & Blaqthoven)
4.-Fuck You Up (feat. Krondon)
5.-Game Goofy (feat. Diego Redd & Fashawn)
6.-Comin' Home (feat. Celetia Martin)
7.-Master Builder (feat. Flii Stylz)
8.-Family Tree (feat. Kemet & Shake Da Mayor)
9.-Fly Boy (feat. Bun B)
10.-G.O.D. In The Flesh
11.-City Of Quartz (feat. Killa Ben, Tristate & Turkin)
12.-Up In Smoke
13.-Hustler Anthems (feat. Chace Infinite)
14.-Today's Mathematics (feat. Tristate)
15.-Havin' Thangs


Planet Asia & Krondon - Fuck You Up (temazo)

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